There are a lot of different science fiction collectables that were not only popular at the time but still are today. This is one of the components that can raise the value of these items.

Common Favourites

Star Wars

If anyone that really isn’t into science fiction was asked what would be the most favourite collector items, most would say anything to do with Star Wars; specifically, The Empire Strikes Back. This is because even those who don’t make science fiction a priority fell in love with the Star Wars series. What is exciting for many collectors of these items is that they have a large range to choose from. Most avid collectors will try and collect all of the pieces. Although there are different types of collectables so which category they choose dictates how easy or hard these may be to get.

E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial

This is one that so many adults found to be most entertaining. For those who don’t like the more aggressive science fiction releases, they found this one to be heartwarming and funny. To commemorate this experience, several invested in collectables, which they normally may not do.

Blade Runner

This is one of those sci-fi releases that was packed full of action and, like most, had a hero that made it extra special. Collecting collectables for this was something that many who enjoyed this release looked forward to. It allowed it to become classed as one of the popular ones.


This is another really popular one. Even those that had not seen the movies about it had some knowledge. The collectables here were something that were in demand and went back to 1979. Those that have collectables from this era will certainly treasure them. Some may, at some point, decide to sell or trade them, while others will keep them to pass down through their family.