For those who are into science fiction, just watching a good movie about it or reading an intriguing book is not enough. They are passionate about this subject and want more. To satisfy their need, they may want to delve into science fiction collectables.

What Are These?

These can be comprised of many different items, but all of them must focus on the theme of science fiction. Some examples of collectables in this genre are as follows.

  • Action Figures

Every movie or book that is based on science fiction usually has a collection of characters that make up the plot. Sci-Fi enthusiasts like to collect these figures. Some just want the good guys, while others tend to go for the evil ones. Then there are those collectors who want both and any additional items that may have been produced that fit in with the theme.

  • Autographs

These are a cherished collectable as it brings the holder of these closer to the actors and actresses that took on the role of their favourite characters in the sci-fi movie or book.

  • Card Games

When a science fiction movie becomes very popular, it isn’t long before other types of manufacturers will capitalize on this. They will create different kinds of games, with a popular one being card games. Collectors will work hard at trying to collect the different versions of these.

  • Patches

A science fiction enthusiast is proud of their interest and loves to display this. Which they can do through collectable items like patches and banners. Some will actually use them while others will store and display them in a safe place.

  • Jewellery

This is another excellent collectable and one that is quickly sought out after a science fiction release has become successful. This can get costly for the collector as usually, there will be several different pieces that are created.

There are other forms of science fiction collectables, but these are the most common.