For collectors who are into science fiction collectables their items that they have invested in are very important to them. For this reason, they will take special care of them. Some that are new to collectables may not realize just how much care may be needed.

The Packaging

It is very tempting when an avid science fiction enthusiast purchases a new collector’s item that they want to inspect it carefully. To do so, they may remove it from its packaging and discard this. However, if they are thinking about the future and that this item will increase in value, then the package can lend to the value of the item. Many times those that are buying old science fiction collectables want the item being purchased to be in their original packaging.

If, however, there is no intent to collect these items for monetary value, then it is up to the collector as to whether they want to keep the item in its packaging.


Most collectors do not want their science fiction pieces handled by others. Yet they can be so intriguing that people seeing them will want to pick them up for a closer look. Collectors can protect the piece from being handled by displaying them in a case that is enclosed. They can make sure that the showcase is big enough and has enough lighting to display it properly.


Over time the environment and humidity can have an adverse effect on the science fiction collector’s items. It could cause some parts to become brittle. Or, if exposed to the sun, fading could occur. These are circumstances that should be protected against. Again it will come down to proper storage and display, which should be airtight if possible.

Some collectables are easier than others to protect and preserve. If they happen to be paper items, then many of these can be kept in document protectors.