Most science fiction collectors may be reluctant to part with any of the items they have collected. However, they may have ended up with duplicates that they are willing to part with. Or they may need to sell one piece so they can buy another piece that they have a greater interest in. There are different venues available for those who would like to sell some or all of their collection.


It can be difficult for a collector to set a price on a specific collectable. They can do their research to see what these may be selling for. However, if it is a particularly rare piece, there may not be enough information available. One way they can go about getting a good price is by selling them through an auction. Several sci-fi platforms will allow for this.

Trade Shows

This is another great venue for being able to sell science fiction collectables. Most often, these need to be theme orientated. Otherwise, the price that the seller wants will not be easy to get. Unless an individual has an appreciation for a science fiction collector’s item they will not understand the value of it.


This is another option for selling collectables that are science fiction related, but it comes with more risks. Ideally, if the item is going to be sold, then the deal should be made in person. It can be risky to ship a piece, especially if full payment has not been received. Then there is the potential damage that could take place during shipping. Even if it were only the package that was damaged, this could void a deal.

Most that are buying science fiction collectables will want some verification of the authenticity of the item being sold. The seller has to be able to provide this.