No matter what the science fiction piece may be over the years, it could very well increase in value. Many collectors will go on the hunt for pieces that they want to have to add to their own collection. After a while, they may have a substantial amount of collectables that will, at the very least, have some personal value outside of monetary value.

Cataloging Items

Most science fiction collectors end up with several pieces, even if they intended only to collect a few. As the collection grows, it can be hard to keep track of what one has. This is especially true if it happens to be items like comic books or cards. The best way to keep track is to catalogue the items. When doing this, different types of information should be recorded. For example, for comic books, the full name, the producer, the year, and the edition. With these types of science fiction collectables, there are often limited editions. The same applies to cards. Over time a science fiction collection can end up with hundreds of cards. Whenever there are duplicates, these should be noted. This way, the collector knows what they have available to sell. Also, it lets them know at a glance which are the ones they may be missing so they can look for these easily when wanting to complete their collection.


The value of science fiction collectables can grow very quickly in monetary value. These collectors should seriously think about having their collection insured. There are insurance specialists that provide coverage for these type of items. They are also very good at being able to place a value on them.

Many of the items may not be replaceable should something happen to them. Collectors have to think about the possibility of damage, such as fire or flood. Then there is also the possibility of theft.